Debbie has also continued training proffessionals and supporting young victims of trafficking.

Post row, Julia became a published author and recently completed their charity’s Cycle for Freedom challenge.

For more information and for the latest SPORT for FREEDOM adventures visit: Beadle continues to work for Row For Freedom charity ECPAT UK.

She has also been talking internationally about Row For Freedom and how to prevent human trafficking.

The team left on the 7th December 2011 and arrived 45 days later into Barbados achieving 2 world records, gaining national media recognition and political attention.

A year later the team are still going strong in the fight against human trafficking and are committed to raise awarness and take action against this terrible crime. Julia Immonen founded SPORT for FREEDOM a charity which unites through the positive power of community and sport to bring freedom from human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Voted 12th out of Zest Magazine’s Top 20 most Inspirational Women in Sport Julia travels around the world championing Sport for Freedom and inspiring others to action.

She was given the honour of being an Olympic Torchbearer for London 2012.

It’s been a year since the 5 women of Row For Freedom left on their epic adventure to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

They were following the route rowed by thousands of slaves awaiting a life of servitude.

These 5 women who came from varied backgrounds were united for one cause.

To help raise awareness and prevent the horrendous crime of modern day slavery – Human Trafficking.