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There are no official plans for now — that is, unless I hear the next perfect song.In the weeks that followed, I received emails from people I had never met, who said the video moved them to tears.

They explained how the video reminded them of the amazing team that cared for their child.

To achieve this goal we are building a “Commons” where data can be shared, a compute space where models can be co-evolved, and pilot projects that are conducted collaboratively to demonstrate the benefit from jointly understanding biology.

By Rebecca Bogan, BSN, RN-BC As nurses, we are trusted to provide the highest quality care for each patient to make their journey a little more bearable. At Children’s Minnesota, we care for, guide and fight with our patients. Yet, even on the darkest days, our team weaves compassion, humor, kindness and fun into our patient care.

But don’t get me wrong — there were definitely a few moments of utter frustration, as well.

One of my goals was to include everyone on our team in the video, which proved to be a challenge, given all the varying schedules.

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Thankfully, a co-worker helped me film the night shift crew, and in the end we were able to include almost everyone.