Non self liquidating debt

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The stand-by arrangement specifies the amount the country may borrow, when, for how long and under what terms.

The arrangements are extended for up to three years and are typically intended as bridging loans for countries with balance-of-payment difficulties.

A soft currency is usually not fully convertible to all currencies but only perhaps to some other "weak" currencies. Moneda dbil, moneda blanda A loan by a government or multilateral Development bank which carries no (or below market rate) interest, although there is usually a small annual service charge.

Pliza martima especial An independent corporation especially created, even if sometimes with a nominal capital, with the purpose of holding property titles, channelling funds for an export project or project financing.

Derecho especfico A policy covering an individual export contract against failure to receive the sums due from the foreign buyer.

Precio de entrega inmediata (1) The gap between the Bid and ask prices of a security, commodity or foreign exchange.

(2) The difference between the spot and forward rates (in foreign exchange trading), or price (for trade in commodities or securities).

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