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No connection no attraction dating

With me, there is almost NEVER chemistry out of the chute. Last time I felt chemistry was when I was in my 20's. Over time, discovered we had little else in common. Differences and compromise ruled our lives until the day we split up.

Career, finances, lifestyle, education, interests, values... Some people called it growing apart, I called it never should have been together.

Until you let a potential partner lovingly know that he has his part to hold up in a relationship, you're just going to keep on repeating the pattern of disrespecting yourself with some new guy.

Use the feeling of having been cheated—and you were, but mostly by yourself—as an incentive to treat yourself better in future relationships.

There is no emotional involvement on his part—and I guess because I have had an affair, there is none on mine, either. You can't change the past but you can change the present state of alienation.

I love my husband and honestly wish I hadn't done what I did but I cannot change that now. It doesn't matter how much older your husband is; everyone needs to give and to get affection.

While I can't be repulsed by my partner, today I know I must be stimulated intellectually, have common views on finances, similar lifestyle, values and goals.

I recently broke up with a longtime friend with whom I was together for the last two years.

If not, at least you would have known where you stood—and walked away with your self-respect intact.

Each failed relationship is devastating not only because you lose a partner but because you wind up feeling debased.

You've discovered that it's impossible to be in a relationship with someone who really is tied to a relationship with someone else.

You may have lived with your friend and although that looks like a relationship and smells like a relationship, it isn't automatically a relationship unless you establish an emotional bond.

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You communicate lovingly and in your own way that you expect something in return for your emotional support.