At the end of the day, I was a little shiny but my foundation had stayed on much better than with no primer.There was small patches where it had worn off, and generally It seemed like Putting it on, the consistency is more liquid than the balm like texture of the Benefit primer.It has a slight men's aftershave smell, but once my foundation was applied that went away.

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It was pretty close, and the Benefit POREfessional was a very close second, but given the price difference I would say that I'll be purchasing the Nivea balm from now on instead of a high end primer and saving myself some money.

Though we were both distraught when our favourite moisturiser was discontinued ten years ago, we didn't turn to anything expensive.

Instead, we stuck with Ponds and started using their Triple Action cream instead - at the price of just £4.49 a pot.

Cheap moisturiser devotees include Kate Winslet, 37, and the perennially youthful Joan Collins, 80 - who have both admitted using Nivea Crème.

Day two was time to use a relatively expensive primer- the Benefit POREfessional, which retails at $53 for 22ml.

The 'silky, lightweight balm' promises to minimise pores and help make up apply smoother.This is the primer I use pretty much every day,and it does feel very nice on your skin.The balm does help your makeup apply better, and it helped it look more natural whilst still maintaining the same amount of coverage as when it was applied with no primer.But can a potion that costs just over £1 really compete with such a luxury brand?While Nivea Crème, which comes in distinctive blue pots, was first launched in Germany in 1911 and contains everyday ingredients such as glycerin, Crème de la Mer has a more exciting heritage and formula.It was invented half a century ago by aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber to heal his skin after a routine lab experiment exploded in his face, leaving him with chemical burns.