I have done BE in Instrumentation and management from Thapar university , Patiala.

We feel wherever they lack generally is their grasp of the newest fashion trends in Asian country.

however fret no additional, as we have a tendency to ar ...

Read More » When evening concerns a exciting look, you wish to concentrate on creating your eyes wonderful. Concealer may be wont to hide below eye circles or simply the dark-blue discoloration slightly below your inner eye.

Here square measure eight straightforward steps to creating up your eyes for evening.

The most coveted accessory in New York’s tech scene isn’t a new i Pad app or an invitation to a private beta.

It’s a status symbol that comes from the city’s analog age — something that evokes the days of egg creams and subway tokens, not Silicon Alley: a 212 area code.Take Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai, one of the two minds behind the trendy online check-in service.The 28-year-old entrepreneur seemingly has all a young techie in New York might want: buzz and a growing brand valued at million in its most recent round of venture funding.Everything, that is, except a 212 cellphone number.“I had been thinking about it for a long time,” Selvadurai said.After moving to New York from Connecticut, he had to get a new phone and carrier.