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Including some of the most incredible, real footage of different couples discovering themselves and one another during the most intimate act two people can share. Would American Idol winner Carrie Underwood have landed a major-label recording contract without winning the hugely popular television contest? The big-voiced Oklahoman has the pipes, the look, the pedigree, and, most important, the emotional resonance to sustain a professional career.As an investment in her future, her label eschewed the easy path in putting out an album to take advantage of her publicity, going for a name producer, Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Lonestar), to handle half the tracks.According to her textual analysis, the Prophet Mohammed encouraged frequent sex and foreplay and decreed that female pleasure is, um, actually kind of important.She delivers these sexual dictates with the dryness of a doctor and the conviction of a fundamentalist, but she’s also prone to jarring fits of laughter.

Every week, viewers throughout the Muslim world flood her station with calls, hoping to have their most embarrassing and intimate questions answered on-air.

Kotb recently talked to Salon by phone from Cairo and explained why good sex is God’s will, female masturbation is wrong and homosexuals are akin to alcoholics.

You’ve said you believe that by having more sex, married couples will please Allah. Whenever you have sex you get rewarded because you’re avoiding the woman being prone to have sex outside of the marriage and vice versa. The biggest chapter of the Quran is called “The Cow.” There is a verse talking about the woman’s rising pleasure.

Yearwood is releasing a special limited-edition record to help raise money to find a cure for women's cancers, and is hosting a release party to commemorate the event.

She's serving up an array of scrumptious finger foods, like Mini Sausage Cheddar Biscuits, Chicken Salad with Fruit in Lettuce Cups and Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting.

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A lot of people didn’t know that they could complain about sex. It invites people to have sex, of course within the marital frame.

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