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Movs sxe videjo

When Heidi is sent to Frankfurt to be a companion to Clara (Zuleika Robson), the crippled daughter of successful businessman Herr Richard Sesemann (Maximilian Schell), Heidi and her grandfather are saddened at their parting.

Heidi finds Clara’s governess, Fraulein Rottenmeier (Jean Simmons), to be a kind woman, but the spoiled Clara is mean to Heidi. It will surely have your attention, your emotions and your applause right to the end of the movie. The made-for-television version of Johanna Spyri's family classic Heidi (Jennifer Edwards), a young orphan girl, is sent to live with her grandfather (Michael Redgrave) in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

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I don't know if I am shallow but I found every girl in this movie to be ugly more ugly than some porn stars they were all just repulsive too and speaking of porn stars the quality of this movie is like watching porn except it revolves around 2 annoying and unfunny characters and they just act like a couple of basers and there acting is horrible.Not to mention the story either cause it's just some random crap thrown into lengthen the run time of the movie which would have been fine if it was funny, but they just throw crude humor and sometimes crude humor is okay but it's not funny and just expect the audience to laugh by the shock value, and the shock isn't even that original.At one point they both were screwing pieces of fruits and bagel... They try to make the movie into some crude humor with sex and drugs, but the movie was just crude.Heidi soon wins her over, though, and they become good friends. The gruff and bitter old man views Heidi at first as an ill-mannered child and an unwanted responsibility, but he soon becomes quite attached to her.Still homesick, Heidi is sent on a two-week visit with her grandfather and is later joined by Clara. I have watched this on cable 23 times, and each time it is even more endearing, beautiful, heart touching.

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