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The ACLU of Massachusetts is calling for the repeal of mandatory minimum drug sentencing, saying it unfairly targets minority offenders, particularly blacks, who are imprisoned at a rate roughly eight times that of white people.

In Massachusetts, black and Latino people account for 22 percent of the population yet comprise 75 percent of those serving sentences for mandatory minimum drug offenses, according to state reports from September.

Stewart’s pastoral days, juxtaposed with the less idyllic toils of the rest of us, make for perfect comedic dissonance.

It was likewise easy to chuckle when, a couple of years ago, she discovered the joy of drones and wrote, in an essay for , that “an aerial shot of the vegetable garden looked very much like my Peter Rabbit marzipan embellished Easter cake.” Speaking of strange food, when Stewart started tweeting photos of her dinners a few years back, she somehow managed to make even haute cuisine look gloriously disgusting.

But there is reason to suspect that those of us who’ve felt condescendingly amused by Stewart have been underestimating her in more ways than one.

Ever since she transformed herself from a New Jersey public-school girl with the Polish last name of Kostyra into, via Barnard, New York City, and Connecticut, a real-life incarnation of a Katharine Hepburn character, but with better home-ec skills, she has maintained remarkable control of her persona.

Attention Manhattan and Brooklyn renters: You’re finally about to catch a break.

“I spend three hundred sixty-four days a year suppressing the demons inside me,” she said in one sketch, talking about Halloween. It’s a good thing.” Stewart’s popular television show at the time, “Martha Stewart Living,” with its chaste industriousness and bourgeois obliviousness, was ripe for parody, as was Stewart herself, with her studied manners, earnest enthusiasm, and vaguely placeless well-born Yankee accent.

In an especially memorable performance, for Christmas, Gasteyer played Stewart topless.

Earlier this week, we chatted with Zach Neil, who will bring Stay Classy, a Will Ferrell-themed pop-up to Boston next month.

The temporary bar and eatery is the second in a series of temporary concepts stemming from the original Stay Classy, that spent a year in operation in New York under Neil and his partner, Brian Link.

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