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Being a Christian can sometimes be difficult, but being a gay Christian can prove to be more complicated.

There can be discrimination by conventional and “straight” communities, and sometimes persecution from their fellow Christians as well because of their lifestyle conflicts with the Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin.

The Christian Gay Network: The Christian Gay Network is an online support group that welcomes gays on an international level.

Different services include forums, chat rooms, and email groups, plus a directory of gay churches and organizations.

Find an Affirming Church Churches that welcome gay Christians into their congregation are termed as gay-affirming, or simply affirming, churches.

There are currently five states that allow gay marriages: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire.Denominations Support Groups: this web page lists down different online groups that support gay Christians by denominations, such as Baptist, Methodist, and Anglican.The page also includes a list of non-denomination groups and youth groups targeted toward young gay Christians.Likewise, any gay Christian – and any Christian, for that matter – will find it fulfilling that they can empathize with fellow believers who are going through the same experiences.The Internet is a valuable resource for a gay Christian to find a support group in his own neighborhood.

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Los Angeles Gay Christians: For gay Christians who live in the LA area, the Los Angeles Gay Christians organizes different groups that can meet regularly to have fellowship and bonding.

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