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survey researchers are considering whether it is necessary to continue dialing landline numbers in random-digit-dial (RDD) telephone polls.A new Pew Research Center study finds that, for polls already conducting a substantial share of interviews with cellphones, the answer is generally “no” – at least if data quality is the only issue of concern.Older sister Dana (Slate) uncovers her own wild side.And their mother Pat (Falco) grapples with the truth that she can’t have it all, but her family still has each other. UTA, which reps Robespierre and Holm, is repping the film for domestic rights. Slate, Robespierre and Holm also teamed on an FX pilot that shot in 2015 (Robespierre directed).Samples of adults reached via cellphone are much more demographically representative of the U. But while cellphone surveys can produce high-quality data that in some ways are superior to results of current dual-frame (landline plus cellphone) designs, neither Pew Research Center nor the telephone survey industry more generally is poised to immediately drop landline samples.Landline interviewing is roughly 30%-50% less expensive on a per-interview basis than cellphone interviewing.To address this, we combined questions from eight different national dual-frame landline and cellphone RDD surveys conducted by Pew Research Center in the past two years into a large analysis.The measures range from attitudes about abortion, homosexuality and foreign policy to opinions about online dating, personal finances and views on the 2016 election. For each of the 279 questions analyzed, we computed the difference between the weighted estimate based on the combined (cellphone plus landline) sample and the weighted estimate based on the cellphone sample alone.

One scene that got a big, somewhat wistful laugh in my Sundance crowd saw Edie Falco’s mom character stealing Clinton’s mid-’90s look for a meeting: A pastel pink suit and blown-out hair.

This design change over time no doubt explains some of the similarity between the two types of estimates, particularly in recent years.

It also means that, for surveys currently featuring a high proportion of interviewing via landline, conversion to 100% cellphone interviewing may not be seamless.

According to the study, poll results look nearly identical whether based only on those adults reached on cellphones or on a combination of cellphone and landline respondents.

Analysis of more than 250 survey questions shows that when landlines are excluded, the estimates change by less than 1 percentage point, on average.

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Pew Research Center has increased the share of interviews conducted on cellphones in typical surveys from 25% in 2007 to 75% in 2016 in response to the widespread adoption of cellphones.

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