Justin bieber new dating life

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Justin bieber new dating life

Justin Bieber opened up about his love life to Ellen De Generes in an interview airing on Monday, December 5, and said he’s not looking for a girlfriend. “I’m not really looking either.”De Generes was keen to dig a little deeper and questioned him about whether he uses the dating app Tinder when he’s on the road. I’m single,” he said when asked if he had a special someone in his life.She told radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O: "Obviously the tour has been taking up my entire life but yeah I am single and enjoying it."She added: "You need to find me an Australian." Sandilands responded jokingly: "As soon as you get here we will go for a drive around Bondi beach.You point and I will get them in the car."The news comes after Bieber recently expressed his feelings for the 23-year-old Come And Get It singer. I don't think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each other physically or mentally.Sadly, the superstar didn't follow instructions as, instead, Justin and his pals chose to spray paint a wall belonging to the once-abandoned Gran Meliá Nacional Rio de Janeiro Hotel located in São Conrado neighborhood of the city. Well, at the time, the controversial celeb's camp defended !As seen on the A-lister's IG story, the Biebs added not one, but TWO giant animal-themed tats to his chest.Oh, and in case you were wondering – Biebs is not dating anyone at the moment, especially not Selena, and he is ready to mingle.

While we certainly live for the drama, celebs like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and yes even you Kellyanne Conway could benefit from sprucing up their lives. CLICK HERE to view "Celebs Who Need To Clean Up Their Acts!

The former Disney star has revealed that she is single and would love to date an Australian guy.

During an interview with Australian radio station Kiis-FM, Gomez talked about her love life.

After cheating rumors involving Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, the couple split for good in January 2013.

Justin and Selena have since attempted to reunite, but nothing full-blown has ever materialized.

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So, Justin is changing his tune and he informed Ellen that “What Do You Mean” is about “girls in general.” Justin dished to Ellen, “I wrote the song for women in general.