Jung ryeo won dating wheesung and ivy dating

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Jung Ryeo Won's label, Key East Entertainment, quickly responded to the reports in denial, announcing that the two are only friends.

SEE ALSO: [OP-ED] Recent Competition Show Scandals Raise Questions About Famous Youth Unlike Key East Entertainment who responded within 30 minutes of the said rumors, YG Entertainment kept silent, finally speaking up after several hours with, "There's nothing much we can say about Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won's dating rumors." Firstly, INNERCIRCLE, regardless of whether they are Korean or international LOVE for the boys to be in relationships so those people harping about how this will destroy his image is sadly 1) not fans, or 2) jumping on the hate bandwagon.

I'm an Incle since WIN and I would love to see Taehyun in a relationship but... Sure, it is a generally more mature fandom, but they still are kfans...

If you still think that this rumor is true, then that just shows that what YG did was wrong.

especially since Korean fans have already been leaving because they're barely being promoted. [ 103, -6] How can journalists release rumors without fact checking first? [ 27, -2] Really sick of the media releasing news without checking anything 5. journalists didn't even bother researching it beforehand - Source: Nate 1.

[ 103, -6] According to his blind item, he's going to leave the group too 13. [ 96, -13] Hul, I can't even understand how the woman sees a '93er as a man, that's shocking 18. There were already rumors about this last year but I guess it wasn't coincidence.. [ 61, -7] For perspective, Ryeo Won's 36 years old while Nam Taehyun is 23 - Source: Nate 1. such an unexpected combination, and she's 13 years older than him to boot 3.

WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and Korean-Australian actress Jung Ryeo Won are not dating. No matter how much I deny the rumor, it doesn't go away once it's in the print.

Isn't Nam Taehyun sick right now, that's why Winner's promos are delayed?

Fans are going to be pissed if this ends up being true ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ especially since their comeback was pushed back because he's supposedly sick...

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