Jeff and jordan still dating

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Jeff and Jordan have decided to take the next step in their relationship by moving together to the city of Los Angeles.

You can watch it all unfold this summer on CBS Interactive in the new original series; Jeff and Jordan Do America.

But she won't have sex on television, or as she calls it, "bugger," because her grandpa will be watching the show.

With nothing in her hometown holding her back, she is ready to play the game and ready to be the last Houseguest standing.

It will be very hard for her to be apart from her mother and brother for such a long time (she also has one sister), because she is very close to them and describes her mother as an extremely strong person who she considers her hero.

Jordan describes herself as an outgoing friend and party girl who likes to hang out with her female friends -- all tools she’ll use to gain the trust of her fellow Housemates and, if the situation calls for it, she'll flirt with the guys for votes.

After, her parents divorced life became tough for Jordan along with her brother, sister and mom.Jeff took on his next adventure when he was chosen to take on the world in, "Around The World For Free Season 2".After circumnavigating the world without a penny in his pocket, Jeff, along with his girlfriend Jordan returned for Big Brother – All Stars.After earning his degree, Jeff saved enough money to take a month long trip backpacking across Western Europe.A few years later, Jeff ventured out west to California to pursue a career in acting.

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To date, the accomplishment he is most proud of is playing running back for Benedictine University.

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