Sinitta proved that she really is a law unto herself on the Xtra Factor when she tried to discuss the show's nude photo scandal.The pop star and Simon Cowell's BFF was appearing on the X Factor's spin-off show when she started to discuss Stereo Kicks singer Jake Sim's recent nude photo leak.Beginning by speaking about the pictures, she said: "As a mother of the show, I thought I should check them out." And then Sarah Jane Crawford managed to cut her off for a second Despite Sarah's masterful changing of the subject, it was too late and Twitter had already latched onto the story.

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Yolo x x ((sorry if you see this mum))." Rumours of the naked selfie's existence swirled on social media after Jake made his X Factor debut, but more recently he was tweeted with threats demanding that he 'follow' accounts on twitter or the photos would be leaked.

In October, one account tweeted Jake: "if you don't follow me I'll leak ur nudes - k" (sic) An X Factor source exclusively told Mirror TV: "Jake posted the picture several years ago and deleted it shortly afterwards.

The source added that Jake is 'mortified' the picture has resurfaced and that he's focused on making Stereo Kicks a success.

They said: "He is mortified that this has now come to light - he is totally committed to making a success of the Stereo Kicks and doesn't want anything to distract from that." On Saturday night's X Factor the eight-piece band found themselves in the sing-off alongside Chloe Jasmine.

The judges voted three to one to send Chloe home and keep them on the show.

The reality star’s last ‘break the internet' moment spawned a number of hilarious spoofs and her latest effort seems to have done the same.

A number of Twitter users have attempted to re-create Kardashian’s naked mirror pose, photo-shopping on the two black censor boxes, with varying degrees of success.

Earlier this week Jake was left 'mortified' after the nude selfie of him surfaced.

The singer - who competing on the ITV talent show as part of eight-piece boyband Stereo Kicks - can be seen posing naked in front of his bedroom mirror in the snap that began circulating on social networks over the weekend.