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recent antics with booze and men has put us a bit behind the eight ball. Although his acting resume goes back to the early 1990s, Mister Craig, who has been much in the tabloid news lately since it was reported he was spotted at a homosexual drinking establishment called ).

Your Mama confesses that we’ve never seen a James Bond film–hush up, we do not want to hear it–so we haven’t actually seen Mister Craig in action on the silver screen.

This is all well and good when the weather’s fine, but Your Mama fears it would be bit of a bother when it’s snowing and seven degrees.

The front door of the penthouse, if you can call it that, opens directly into the dining area which not only has a wall of glass with a terrace and city view, but also a vaulted ceiling of glass that soars 20′ high.

The wee kitchen area has glossy, flat fronted white cabinets that just about conceal the Sub-Zero refrigerator, a chunky Viking brand range, a built-in under counter wine fridge and white marble counter tops streaked with subtle gray veins.

Occasionally a Pine Valley “resident” walks out of the stage door and I first internally freak out (“OMG IT’S CLIFF! I see myself as a Sam Donaldson type; they probably see me as a John Hinckley Jr. “IS PINE VALLEY AN ACCURATE REFLECTION OF SOCIETY” I yell at every familiar face in a high-pitched panic. Her hair is teased three stories high: a masterpiece of eighties glamour and engineering. The publicist shows up just as we’re walking out of the building. I’ll check with the guard,” she says very sincerely, turning to me with a wink. And quickly apologize, telling her my professor made me ask. There are very bright people outside the coasts,” she proclaims. At any other time, at any other table, I would have been highly offended and preached from my soapbox about the spirit and intelligence of the Midwestern people, but because Susan Lucci said it, I feel ... ” In front of the restaurant, we take photos and say good-bye.I didn’t say Sam Donaldson just to impress my professor, either. During the Reagan years, he was the only member of the White House press corps who actually asked the man a direct question and held him accountable. and then someone, an assistant I guess, finally picked up.(To this day, when I’m interviewing someone, I try to channel Sam. Ruefully, I decided that Sam Donaldson’s publicist never would have blown me off, if Sam Donaldson indeed even had a publicist. Sam Donaldson was too down-to-earth, and there’s no way a publicist would have just let that hair thing go. I was told to report to the ABC studios on the Upper West Side at .I can’t believe how super-confidential their convo feels. Emboldened, I turn to Susan and ask her the worst thing Erica ever did. ” I’m a runaway train of misdirected enthusiasm and late-blooming honesty. And I definitely didn’t know that this would not be my last encounter with Ms. But sadly for me, none of our other meetings would go as well as our first. There is a business behind this soap I’ve spent my life ogling from my seat on a sofa in the middle of the country, and it is fascinating. Perhaps, as our friendship deepens, she will learn that she can trust me enough to confide in me regarding these matters. By the time they remember I’m there and turn to me, I’m convinced that my hair has expanded at least an inch in diameter since Sixty-seventh Street. I am absolutely bullish on my future, and tell them awwwwlllll about it, while they sit there, nodding patiently, smiling patiently, and agreeing patiently. What I won’t know until years later when I re-listen to the interview — yes, I recorded every word — is that I interrupt her every answer to tell her what my mother and I think will happen.

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