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As only 5% of marriages within the United States are currently in interracial relationships, the figures do not support the claims. Students and young adults generally want to impress or make their mom and dad proud.

Unfortunately the older generation does not have the same perspective and tends to look down on interracial relationships.

Bi-racial dating was considered an illness and something that could deter a healthy gene pool.

Although the Supreme Court had ruled the illegality of bi-racial relationships to be unconstitutional, that did not negate the natural preconceived stigma associated within the couple.

“People being more open in public with their relationship makes me feel that some things have changed,” said Morales.

In contrast, Rightler-Mc Daniels said that it is important not to confuse “accepting” with “tolerating,” and that it’s the individual’s choice to be accepted.

I am 22 and my fiance Tunisha Brown just turned 21 we’ve been together going on four years this month, we plan to get married next year some time after we get more financially stable.

Virginia followed suit in the late 1600’s, labeling children as abominations.

Jones and Smith conducted a research study on bi racial dating in 2002.

In the reports, African American participants were two times more likely to positively view and were open to, bi racial dating.

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Interracial dating has been a hot topic within America since its inception.

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When it comes to physical safety, there is little room for political correctness.