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Now insert some of the negative and stereotypical comments you’ve heard.They probably go down like this: “Oh my goodness they are going to have some cute babies” “Mmmmhmm he couldn’t handle a sista/brotha” Or a crowd favorite “he/she is bougie” No matter if you’ve been the victim, the culprit, or just a listening ear to the pandering of some bigot…WE’VE ALL HEARD IT BEFORE!Which is why I find it refreshing to look at some of the new series that have been released (paying special attention to Marvel/DC) and see them interracial relationships in a normative light.Especially when these types of relationships are involving the main characters.

One of the best aspects about these recent shows is some of the older couples involved are actively in the same types of relationships.

An overwhelming majority of those who self-identified as bi-racial indicated that they were seeking partners who were White (92%), followed closely by respondents who reported they were willing to date Hispanics (81%) and ‘others’ (71%).

And once the bi-racial person him or herself was half White (Asian-white, Hispanic-white, and other-white, for example), that person was even more likely to prefer to date someone from their White side, than the non-White side.

Despite your individual feelings about the new TV series Supergirl, she may struggle constantly to truly find herself and become a hero worthy of her family’s crest, she has learned that cannot stop her from the feelings the obviously has for Jimmy Olsen.

In addition, family can play a big part in interracial dating. Just the thought of your family opposing you simply because of the race or ethnicity of the person you claim to love is enough to tear some people apart inside.

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Half of Interracial's list of the top 20 states where singles are looking for interracial love.

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