How to talk to intimidating girls

Posted by / 22-Aug-2018 01:30

I’m not talking about the woman you’re too scared to talk to.

I’m talking about the woman that you dream of, finally find and chase down, but then are too afraid to date.

So when you do present them with your issue, they'll be compassionate and ready to help.

That said, though they have a nose for when students are struggling, they aren't mind readers—so they can’t help you unless you ask for it. Teachers respect students that stand up for themselves and reach out to them.

That is, unless you want women to just start calling you a resting assh*le (“RA” for short).

I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I just want to know why I can't get a girl.

Do you feel better after getting this off your chest, as if we are in a first interview and you need to shake your nerves by being brutally honest?

Newsflash: This is not an interview and even if it were, you would never tell the person interviewing you that he or she is “intimidating.”I’d rather you just tell me you’re nervous because it’s endearing.

If there is one phrase I’m tired of men dropping, it’s, “You’re intimidating.”Before I jump up on my soapbox and make myself even more “intimidating,” let me write a disclaimer: This article is not intended for the woman you are too afraid to approach.

I can’t fix the mean girl who blows you off at the bar or the not-so-mean girl you just said has “resting bitch face (RBF).” (Also, I’m pretty sure my brain-on-fire-and-therefore-deep-in-thought face does not mean I’m a bitch, so please stop using “RBF”).

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We’ve been talking for a while, maybe even tried the dating thing, and for whatever reason, you feel the need to inform me (as if I didn’t already know) that I’m intimidating.

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