However, be warned that Nimbuzz is littered with annoying advertisements, making for a cluttered interface.Available for free on Windows, Mac, Android, i OS, Black Berry, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian Viber If Nimbuzz is a jack of all trades, Viber focusses on doing fewer things but in a better way.It can only send messages to your Viber buddies and allows you to make calls to them through an internet connection. Two reasons: user interface and lack of advertisements.

and Black Berry Messenger or internet services like Google Talk or Facebook Messenger, everyone loves to chat on their phones. The calls are free if your friends are also on Nimbuzz. These chat buddies are bots for specific tasks, such as the cricket chat buddy that tells you recent scores.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few apps that you may not know, or fill a few needs that other popular services don't. But if you are calling a cellular number then you have to buy credits, which can be used to make any sort of call - local, STD or ISD. Then there are the chat rooms of old times, wherein all you need is a username and a password to start talking with strangers anywhere in the world.

It not only allows you to send messages, including images and other files, to your friends but also enables you to call them.

Nimbuzz can also be integrated with various instant-messaging services like Google Talk and Facebook Messenger.

Download the app, enter your phone number, and it will scan your contacts list to automatically figure out the people who are using Viber. It supports group messaging but can't send files to other users.

And the collection of emoticons and stock images is of high quality and fun to use.In general, Viber is a more aesthetically pleasing and inviting app if all you want to do is chat with and call your friends.Available for free on i OS, Android, Nokia Symbian, Black Berry, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada Touch Touch is a wee different from other instant messaging apps.To start with, its focus is not on messages, but instead on creating 'experiences'.And with a refreshing and colourful user interface, it does that pretty well.Once you have downloaded the app and logged in, Touch can look for your friends by taking a peek into your Facebook list or your phone's contacts.