Don’t kid yourself Austin -- you wish you had Six Flags.Imagine if you didn’t have to drive 70 miles South just to get here.

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If you don’t split the rent with a roommate in Austin you’re either a millionaire or Mack Brown or both. Instead of snotty looks and bad attitudes, SA residents sit down and actually talk to each other. True, I guess, but have you actually tried to find a job there?

In San Antonio, most 20-somethings can actually afford a spot they’d want to invite their mom over to. A trait that Austin used to be famous for has moved 70 miles South and we’ll take it. Its not easy with the growing amount of competition.

In Austin, you’re lucky if you don’t live with mom. San Antonio feels like Austin did in the early 2000s -- focused on community and support rather than raising rent and stifling small business. San Antonio has ample job opportunities and they pay pretty well, too.

Sure, Austin has great restaurants, but good luck exiting them without maxing your credit card. Terry’s, because we have Tex-Mex times infinity, Thai Dee, Indian food that would make your little Austinite head spin, and all of the restaurants at the Pearl. Move to SA, get a job and a nice paycheck, save on rent money, and live like you should.

An ingenious mix of the words “ball” and “jalapeño” Ballapeño perfectly captures the essence of San Antonio.

Bevo needs to straight-up get his act together if he wants any piece of Ballapeño.

A lot of quotes are wrongly attributed to Mark Twain, but there’s no mistaking this comment expressing his hate for most US cities when he said that there are “only four unique cities in America: Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, and San Antonio.” The Great American Novelist has spoken.

I was born and raised in Austin and moved, willingly, to San Antonio (I have friends back home who still haven’t forgiven me).

When I tell someone I was born in ATX, they can’t believe it, a born-and-bred Austinite is such a rare bird these days, and they’re even more perplexed that I landed in Spurs territory. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on Mo Pac at 2pm on a Wednesday? Seriously considering using your passenger seat as a toilet? The time of day doesn’t matter because traffic will find in Austin.