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Holly and james geordie shore dating

It was then followed by a reunion show hosted by Russell Kane where the cast discussed the series in front of an audience.

This episode aired on 5 July 2011, and was followed by a Best Bits special which counted down the best moments from the first series in an episode airing 12 July 2011.

The pair shared a few PT sessions before going on a few dates and a heartbroken Vicky was dragged back to Newcastle when filming was over.

The tension between Holly and James was palpable as James went out of his way to avoid the fiery redhead at all costs.

With a girlfriend in the outside world, James made it crystal clear that he was still not interested in any more romantic liaisons with Hols, causing tears, tantrums and a good dose of girly advice to be dished out by Holly’s fellow females in the house.

“We’d all seen how it ended last time and I didn’t really just want to come in and for it to carry on like that.

Obviously I hadn’t seen anyone since the last series so you don’t know what’s going on.

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Despite this, the show includes cast members from various parts of North East England.

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