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If a logoff is required, this switch will initiate it./Boot: If a policy, such as software installation, needs to be applied – the boot command will reboot the machine./Sync: Useful for changing the foreground (startup/logon) processing to synchronous. You probably noticed a lack of remote support with GPUpdate.To address this, Microsoft introduced the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet.You can use the following parameters with the cmdlet: Let's take a look at some examples of the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet.To process GPO updates on a remote computer, run the following command: Invoke-GPUpdate –Computer Computer1.This text file lists computer names, as shown in Figure 2.

Invoke-GPUpdate also creates scheduled tasks on remote computers, as with the GMPC method.

Second, you cannot specify individual settings to be processed.

For example, you cannot specify only user or computer configuration settings to be processed.

It processes both user and computer configurations on the target computers.

GPMC creates two scheduled tasks on the remote computers.

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One task is created to refresh User Configuration using "/target:user /force" command line.

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