That'll also tell me that you want more videos like this. Most people believe marriage is important and that the family is the fundamental unit of society.People get married with great hopes to "live happily ever after," but it is not easy to maintain the love and happiness they experienced during courtship in the day-to-day struggles of married life. Couples need to live what I call the Golden Rule for Married Couples: Do unto the other as he or she would like it done.

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We’re not referring here to the chemistry of science that is controlled and measured, but to romantic chemistry which is rarely controlled or measured! That “zing” in a dating relationship that you can’t quite explain, but that is very real!

on the college campus, in the workplace, and amongst acquaintances, family, and friends.

I really hope you enjoyed this video that I put together about how to have a healthy, Godly relationship.

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When spouses use projection, they think that what they want is the same as what their spouse wants. Therefore, what makes one partner happy may not necessarily be what makes the other partner happy.

If you take time to find out what each other really wants and "do unto to the other as he/she would like it done," your relationship will flourish. Research has shown that couples who work together stay together.

Both husband and wife need to feel they are equally yoked.

This will bring a sense of equality in the marriage and will help prevent feelings of resentment that could come if one spouse is doing more for the family and relationship than the other.

Couples need to be very clear about what is expected of each other regarding household duties.

The most important rule to follow here is that both partners agree to the division of duties.

Be clear and straightforward when discussing roles.