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This is the moment that he forgets he’s never ever kissed a boy before, and his eyes are on fire, because this is so fucking wonderful.He hears Niall groan, “Get off me, you sod.” FB stands up to his height, which isn’t very tall, and winks deliciously. I like girls.” With his chest heaving and his head resting on the hard chest of his friend, he lazily smiles and blinks slowly, but by the time he’s refocused his sentence, Louis Tomlinson is gone.“So, you’re trying to tell me you’ve got a monster cock?” The girl questions with a tilt of her head—an interested action.

” “I didn’t,” FB scoffs, leaning back on the couch and spreading his arm out, unknowingly touching Harry’s hair, “This is a rough estimation.” Back on Harry’s left side, Niall asks Zayn, “You and Lou still staying over? FB’s gaze lowers to Harry’s lips and Harry touches them experimentally, wondering if there’s chocolate sauce stained on the pink lips from the fondue.

He’d look at the girl that lives across the hall from Niall and him, just imaging how he would look in arms?

” Harry didn’t share anything with Niall after that, but the lad means well with his rough guitar hands and numerous parties he holds.

He’s smiling, a small sarcastic smile that is devouring the girl that’s sitting across from him.

He’s clad a simple white shirt and black skinny jeans, something Harry would normally wear.


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