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Gender politics dating

They are more likely to be poor, more likely to be old, and more likely to be single parents.(Surprisingly, it does not appear that “women’s issues” like abortion rights or the Equal Rights Amendment were then, or are now, a major driver of the gender gap, according to political scientist Karen Kaufmann.This asymmetrical movement causes the gender gap to expand and to shrink.The idea that women’s political views remain relatively stable while men’s fluctuate contradicts some of our assumptions about gender.For one thing, the male voter is typically seen as the standard for the public at large, with women and other groups as viewed as mere special interests.(This is despite the fact that the majority of voters are women.) Men are representative; women are outliers.How do age, gender and identity factor in image-making practices?How do they change the way we perceive other people’s selfies?

As Carroll points out, women are more likely to be the recipients of government aid.

And even among a single-party electorate, there is variation between the sexes.

We know from Iowa entrance polls, for instance, that Ron Paul placed third despite having much more support from male voters, whereas Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney achieved their virtual tie by winning over more women than men.

This week we will consider the role selfies play in shaping and reflecting sexed and gendered subjectivity.

We will consider the ways that selfies have become central to mediated sexual cultures, from flirting, to dating, to hooking-up.

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And in the wake of Reagan, Carroll says, the parties remained more polarized, helping to harden men and women’s party identifications.

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