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Mann, who is gay, was inspired to create Sober Grid, for straights and gays.

I recently began my coming out journey and am looking for more ways to be involved and seek community, but so many events are centered around alcohol or bars and I don’t drink. If you’re like COOL KRISTIN THANKS BUT, I DON’T REALLY WANNA VOLUNTEER, sigh, okay, I will give you a few more tips (but like, you should at least try the above suggestion). Autostraddle is home to hosting many-a-meet-up, so check those out, take some notes, and either join one in your area or start one of your own! (Or if you’re on Long Island you’ll have cawfee and tawk.) Getting involved in dating without alcohol is a matter of honesty, and believing that your sober self is fucking awesome. She was like, ‘wow, this is kind of amazing, I actually don’t like drinking every time I go out,’ and she now BARELY drinks at all (and she isn’t even with a sober human, she just enjoys sobriety! You owning your sober-ness will bring people into your life who connect with you and who aren’t desperate to make their dating life hinge on alcohol.

Sober Grid, officially launched this month, was founded by Beau Mann, who was bummed when he couldn’t find a booze-free version of something like Grindr or Tinder.

“These are apps that’ll help gay guys connect, but the sober population is much larger,” Mann told the Daily News.

“You’ll find people that have 25 years (of sobriety), but you’ll also find people that have a day,” Mann said. But one boldfaced name who signed up is 2006 Miss USA Tara Conner, who chose the username “Mess USA.” The media reported extensively on her drinking and drug use, which led pageant owner Donald Trump, back in 2006, to allow her to retain her title if she went into rehab.

“I like to hold onto those things like Mess USA because it shows you can go through struggles but get past it and live a happy, healthy, life,” said the 29-year-old, who has been in recovery for nearly nine years.

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