Unguligrade is used for hoofed animals such as horses or deer.

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There are three main types of fullsuits; the plantigrade, the digitgrade, and the unguligrade.

Plantigrade gives a suit a more anthropomorphic look, adding no animalistic qualities to the legs.

Digitgrade is used for canines, felines, birds, dinosaurs, and various other creatures.

Similar to mascot suits, they allow the wearer to adopt another animal look and/or personality while in costume.

Owners can spend less than one-hundred to many thousands of dollars on one fursuit,[citation needed] depending on the complexity of the design and on the materials used.

These items are mainly sold online, with many makers owning sites dedicated to their suits.

Suiting paraphernalia is often sold at "Furry Conventions." Furries may make their own using online tutorials and/or advice, or have hobbyist or professional fursuit maker or company assist them. There are partials and fullsuits (along with several categories stemming from them.

Owners are known as fursuiters, furzooters, or suiter/zooters, while the act of wearing a fursuit is usually referred to as fursuiting (originally as zooting, named after the Chicano zoot suiters of the Los Angeles area of the 1940s).

when the first furry parties were being organized at both sci-fi conventions and home parties.