If you are a Cracker Barrel employee or customer, I in no way intend to offend you with this satirical review of Cracker Barrel. Food." with the slogan "Old Country Store." If this is trying to imply that Cracker Barrel is a comfortable place to dine and shop, someone needs to punish their advertising department by making them visit one of their restaurants.If you are interested in the opinions and experiences of other employees, the comments following the blog should prove far more interesting and useful than the blog itself. The billboard above is a classic example of the kind of expectations Cracker Barrel sets up and then utterly fails to accomplish. With their long wait times, crowded interiors, and completely useless gift shop, Cracker Barrel's atmosphere is more or less the opposite of comfortable.

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Cracker Barrel is a restaurant known for serving home cooked southern style food in an old-timey atmosphere.

I've traveled all over the US and found every Cracker Barrel to be very busy.

This astonishes me because I hate Cracker Barrel, and I think you should too. This description was written for comedic purposes only.

The opinions below should not be interpreted as factual or serious.

In my experience eating there, I've never witnessed anyone get seated right away. The problem: there are about 15 other parties trying to answer that same question.

For each of these parties, there are two options: the rocking chairs and the store.The "friendly" hostess leads you through a maze of tables, chairs, people, and screaming little children, to your very own wooden table and bare wooden chairs.You find your place at the table and pull out your chair, which bumps the person sitting at the table behind you.In fact, the tables are so close together, the little kid behind you can't get up to go play checkers without their chair bumping you.It's probably best that they get up though because no one should have to be that close to someone else's screaming kid. Outdoor picnic benches are more comfortable than these chairs.You open your menu and consider your options: you have a wide variety of "comfort foods" to choose from.