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But the report also points to clear differences between migrant nationalities.Almost none of the men who have been investigated come from Syria, with the majority hailing from North Africa.The co-curator at the Asian Art Museum, Zhang Fan in the same interview said that the items could be worn and used and reflected the modern appreciation of the body’s need for pleasure.Cologne has become synonymous with the sexual assaults of New Year’s Eve, events which lit a spark under a highly contentious debate on refugees and sexual assault.

The woman—or someone associated with the woman—then threatened to sell it to the media unless he paid ,000. Additionally, he's single so he didn't have to try to hide the post-sex selfie from his wife or girlfriend.Sex toys have always been thought to be a newer invention that women have been using to pleasure themselves but a new discovery proves otherwise.Archaeologists recently found pleasure objects that are known to be as old as 206 BC in China.Some of the assaults involved several victims, leading the BKA to the figure of 1,200 women who were assaulted.The largest number (650) was in Cologne, while 400 women have reported being assaulted in Hamburg.

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Of those being investigated, roughly half of them had spent less than a year in Germany.