First dating anniversary poems Chatmakedonija

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First dating anniversary poems

Indeed I shall treat you with the dignity and nobility that is befitting of the king of my heart.

On my mind it is always fresh that I am the flesh of your flesh. I know very well what I am getting into: I am getting into a relationship that elevates me into a kingdom of wifehood.

The softest part of a woman Is not where you may think Behind the ears in the mouth or lips of petal pink inside the knee inner thigh you still have not to find the tender place…

it’s not her face or curve against the spine her finger tips bloom of hips the nipple, or the eyes beneath the breast just a test to know you really tried a trick you say!

I shall endevour to wipe off and ward off loneliness and lostness from our relationship, seeking nothing but your companionship; banking on your stewardship, sinking together any hardship.Since you are mine I shall not do anything else to undermine our relationship for personal or egotistical reasons.Now and forever I am your lawful and loving wife…Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions marking significant moments in our lives bringing back precious feelings reliving a once upon a time.I therefore commit myself to be your honouring, supportive and loving wife for all the years l shall live with you.I shall treat you with the love and care that you deserve as my husband.

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This marriage-with our mutual commitment – will transform naivety into maturity troubles into challenges pretence into practice pride into progress bachelorship into companionship.