The other 2 people are men who sent me emails with inappropriate and suggestive content.I was neither Facebook friends with them nor did I have any friends in common with them.By blocking these men, they can no longer find me on Facebook.

Last week, I noticed that a Facebook connection of mine had blocked me.

When you block someone on Facebook this not only disconnects the friendship but it makes the person invisible to you, as if he or she doesn’t even exist on Facebook at all.

The two parties involved cannot see each other’s comments on mutual friend’s photos, status updates or posts.

Once a block is put up, there is no way for the two parties to see anything that the other does.

In my mind, blocking someone on Facebook is a very extreme move and it is a feature to use very sparingly.

I am looking at my own privacy preferences on Facebook now and I see that I have 3 people blocked.

1 person was a networking contact and I have her blocked because of threatening comments that she made towards me in a political conversation.

I had never met her in person and knew nothing about her other than the fact that we had some common interests.

What I discovered was shocking and I believe it is a glitch that should be addressed by Facebook.