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They go the extra mile to help you, whether it's with improving your job performance (training/re-training as needed) or fixing up the ergonomics of your workstation, and they encourage you to ask questions.* Your performance is tracked numerically—great if you like looking at statistics.If you're confused or unsure why you got errors on something, you can ask a supervisor to look it up and review it with you.ensures that its reviews are guests-only by proactively sending hotel surveys to customers after they've completed their hotel stays.

Often thought of as a summer wine – in this case, a substitute for red wine when the weather is hot – they can be enjoyed year round.

Pros -Flexibility in work hours, as long as you put in your 8 hours.

So not a big deal if you're a bit late, just stay late to make it up.-You can make a lot of money if you work hard. Good bonuses for fast and accurate work.-People are really nice there.-You won't see anyone wasting company time on Facebook or texting, because it cuts into your bonus pay! ) Pros * The supervisors are friendly, personable, and extremely competent.

You can earn a pretty healthy bonus each month as long as your error rate is low and your speed is up. Cons -It can seem somewhat unfriendly because of the nature of the job-everybody is very focused on typing quickly, however everybody is very friendly and more than happy to answer any questions!

The bonus is based off how fast you can type so the faster you go-the higher your bonus is. -Obviously it can be quite taxing sitting all day but they have recently added standing desks and are always willing to help you set up/adjust your work station to make you more comfortable.-No benefits unless you move higher up.

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Earning a consistent bonus shouldn't be a problem if you're a proficient typist and attentive to detail.* You can work with headphones on; most people do.