Last Monday an episode about the dangers of teen dating violence was re-aired on Dr. The episode, which débuted last fall, is part of Dr.

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Robinson broke up with Hightower but he stalked her for six months and eventually broke into her apartment and killed her.

•Demi Cruccia—stabbed 16 times the day after her birthday by ex-boyfriend John Mullarkey following a “desperate, daylong exchange of text messages about the status of their relationship.” One message, sent by John on the day of the murder: “You no [sic] you love me and can’t live without me.” This was, according to the article, evidence of the couple’s “tumultuous” relationship.

•Lindsey Burke—murdered by Geraldo Martinez, who, his defense attorney claimed, “snapped” when he found a photo of a shirtless man in her wallet.

She had broken up with him several months previously, after a two year, “tumultuous” relationship. It’s unclear whether the two were actively involved at the time; however, the relationship was described as “on-and-off,” and a flirty text from Valentine’s Day was likely to have been faked by Bean.

Both parties agree that the relationship is unhealthy; Mallory calls it “moderately abusive,” while Dr.

Phil goes down a checklist of signs of abuse and declares that she’s “batting 1000.” And yet, according to the episode summary on Dr, “Even though she says he pushes her around, has threatened her life and locked her in a closet, she refuses to end the relationship.” Fortunately for Mallory, there’s a television audience and a licensed (…oh, wait) therapist to teach her the error of her ways.“Will these teens get a wake-up call from a mother whose daughter was murdered? Phil’s method of convincing young women to leave their abusive relationships is largely by showing them clips of other girls who were abused, and eventually killed, by their ex-boyfriends. Every single one of the four young women whose stories were flashed on the screen as examples of how important it is to leave an abusive relationship had been murdered because they had broken up, or were trying to break up, with their abuser.•Abigail Robinson—stabbed 60 times and shot 4 times by Marcus Hightower.And yet of the clips that were aired on the show, only one (Burke’s) correctly identified the perpetrator as an ex-boyfriend.Instead, they were introduced with the following statement: “Many of us remember our first love fondly, but there can be a dark side to teen relationships…the sometimes sharp teeth of puppy love can trigger tragic consequences.” Thus, ironically, the people attempting to convince Mallory to end her relationship for her own safety entirely fail to acknowledge that the girls they use as “bad” examples of victim behavior actually did end their relationships. The stories publicized on the show were chilling, but not surprising.One of the most surprising things about domestic violence is the way officials and the media manage to be consistently surprised by domestic homicides.