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Who was the last ancestor known of this huge kingdom.Later he married with Shanti Devi and had 8 children.The Rajkunwars were the only ruling clans of Sultanpur to unite all the other clans of the area under one flag and form a grand State around the 16th century under Maharaj Bariarshah Rajkunwar of Bhaddaiyan Raj but the state and power of Rajkunwars was dissolved after the great uprising of 1857 as they supported the natives.

The town was completely destroyed during the military operations of the Revolt of 1857.

Among whom Dheerendra Pratap Singh, Vinay Singh and Sarwan Singh are among notable persons in Sultanpur.

Sarwan singh is also a social activist and politician in Sultanpur Another important branch of the land owning clans was the house of Raj Sah.

It notes that the chief land owning families of the time were the Rajputs of various clans, who possessed 76.16% of the total land area mainly resided in place today known as narayanpur.

Among them Raghuvanshies and the Rajkunwars popularly known as Rajkumar thakurs along-held over one-fourth of the district, while their kinsmen, the Bachgotis and Rajwars owned 11.4 and 3.4%, respectively.

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The head of rajkumar and raghuvanshi's thakur was raja ARJUN SINGH.

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