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Delta goodrem dating

After fast-living DJ Chris Stafford broke Delta's heart, the last thing she expected was rugby union star Drew Mitchell to sweep her off her feet with his old-world charm and wicked sense of humour.“They’ve been dating for the past few months, but she really wanted to keep the relationship under wraps until she worked out where it was going…and things have been moving pretty fast,” a close friend tells us.“They’re spending all their spare time together and she’s really, really happy.

Friends tell us that sparks flew straight away, with the pair exchanging flirty messages on Twitter and forging a great friendship, albeit it a long-distance one.

Delta and Hugh are now married and Delta is pregnant with his baby. taken-by=hugh_sheridan You can see pics of them walking side-by-side here... They clearly had their wedding while they were on the boat and will now be married for the next 2913333790 years.

taken-by=deltagoodrem This obviously means two things and two things only.

Her second studio album, Mistaken Identity (2004), was created while she was suffering from cancer and several of its themes reflect this.

It became her second number-one album and brought her two more number-one singles, including "Out of the Blue".

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