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I think David D is actually very intellectual and completely understands what he is talking about - unlike so many charlatans out there at the moment who are idiots masquerading as gurus.Even though this was filmed in late 2004 it is actually timeless.Not that that's bad but half his students would probably get blown out before they could even get in set to use his material.There's no focus on entering a set, body language, or delivery.He has a body language seminar but the person who gives the best information in that seminar is Mystery, so why not go straight to the source and use VA's material?His Approaching DVD set has Mystery, Tyler Durden, Will, Craig and a couple other guys. It's not nearly as up to date as what you get with revelation currently and in my opinion not nearly as good.Mystery: As the rock star of the pick up community, Mystery's discipline is great for those who want to put a systematic approach to pick up. There are several things that David doesn't cover originally that work wonders for me. I have a colorful collection of fedora hats that I wear out at night.That's my peacock, and every one knows exactly who I am because of those hats, and I use them in my game to the max.

They're not bad tips but picture a new PUA student walking straight into a set, facing the group, speaking quickly, leaning in and reciting the tip they learned from the DVD.David acknowledges this as well, but goes on further to say that since they've been beautiful for quite some time they get used to others spoiling them, so when they don't get their way they 'act out'.To me this translates over to the Mystery Method as negs coming from the target.Just my honest opinion after seeing what both products have to offer.I'd rather learn WHY something works then blindly memorizing a list of tips to pickup women. Not organized and the information is kind of scattered!

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When that sequence gets interrupted their game falls apart. David De Angelo: It wasn't necessarily his structure or method that caught my eye, because in DYD he doesn't hammer out a clear method out for the reader.

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