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He said ‘no’,” said Cole, a writer from Brampton, Ont.It wasn’t the first time something like this happened.The event is free, and open to anybody who wishes to listen.It’s designed to reduce stigma and combat isolation, by spreading awareness through honest dialogue.If a person is undetectable and stays on treatment, they cannot pass HIV on to a partner.No study has ever shown HIV transmission from someone with an undetectable viral load.After eight years of living with HIV, Jason Cole is used to rejection and ghosting. It happened most recently when Cole was chatting with someone on the same-sex dating app Grindr. And it got as far as the point where we were talking about meeting up.

Though Fratti explains it was for the best ('Matt had never been a good match for me, really') it meant she would have to face her new reality of being HIV positive, while also trying to date - not least in the brutal age of Tinder.

'Dating after a breakup is already hard enough,' Fratti writes.

'Not only was I still trying to figure out what living with HIV meant, I couldn't just do that whole "put on your high heels and get back out there" thing that most newly single people do.'Dating with HIV, seriously or casually, is hard — even though it doesn't have to be.'Fratti's infection is undetectable.

" I kept asking the nurse who took me upstairs at the Margaret Sanger Center in the East Village for a second blood test to confirm the rapid test result.'That is the start of Fratti's powerful essay, published by Redbook, offering a glimpse into the difficult world of dating with HIV.

A person with HIV becomes 'undetectable' when treatment suppresses the virus to a level so low in their blood that it cannot be detected by measurements.

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Roughly 30 percent of America's 1.2 million people with HIV - including Karen Fratti - have reached an undetectable viral load which underscores the need for expanded access to testing, treatment, and care.

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