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Datingfromhaven com

In this book, I will present the archaeological evidence that the Mesopotamian script derived from an archaic counting device.

Until the eighteenth century, the origin of writing was the subject of myths crediting gods, fabulous creatures, or heroes for its invention.Writing also made it possible to store information, creating a pool of knowledge well beyond the ability of any single human to master yet, at the same time, available to all.Writing is regarded as the threshold of history, because it ended the reliance upon oral tradition, with all the inaccuracies this entailed.The concept of a ready-made alphabet handed down from heaven persisted until the eighteenth century.In the eighteenth century, William Warburton, bishop of Gloucester, introduced the first evolutionary theory of writing.

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In other Babylonian texts, the god Ea, the lord of wisdom, was the source of all secret magical knowledge, writing in particular." In Assyria, Nabu, son of Marduk, was revered as the instructor of mankind in all arts and crafts, including building, agriculture, and writing.

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