As you make a decision, be sure to set realistic goals, do your homework and make a plan before settling on a master's degree program. The GRE is the most widely accepted graduate admissions test required for admissions to graduate school and is usually taken by students applying to liberal arts and non-professional graduate programs.Pursuing a master degree: Requirements for admission There are four major graduate admissions tests that may be used for applicants applying to liberal arts and non-professional programs, law school, medical school and business school. There are three components to the test: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and an analytical writing section. If you're applying to business school, you may be required to take the GMAT as part of your application process.The analytical writing section consists of two parts: issue task and argument task. There are four parts to the GMAT: quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning and analytical writing.

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Accredited universities are generally obligated to require the undergraduate basics before enrolling.. Studying for a Master’s degree online The question remains: Why pursue an advanced education through an online program? According to 2011 research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals holding a master's degree had higher median weekly earnings in 2011 than those possessing a bachelor's degree.

Indeed, while completing a master's degree is no promise of increased earnings, doing so could lead to enhanced career focus and open new networking opportunities.

It is important to remember that requirements and degree completion time varies by program -- be sure to review program specifics before deciding on a school and area of study. Attending graduate school is a calculated risk - a risk you should consider carefully before dusting off the backpack, pulling out the laptop and heading back to class.

Students often want to pursue advanced training in a field, but can find that life circumstances sometimes make it hard to act.

Master's degrees online may help with those hurdles and give students extra options in pursuing their education.

Seeking an Online Master's Degree According to the Council of Graduate School's study, "Graduate Enrollment and Degrees: 2000 to 2010," since 1999, graduate enrollments in the United States have increased nationally by an average of 3.7% annually.

Today, an increasing number of these graduate programs, including master's degree programs, are being offered online.

Prior to making a decision, be sure to weigh the pros and cons for completing a master's degree and ask if the potential benefits of the degree outweigh the costs and time involved.

Before you enroll, you may want to consider these five things Four reasons to pursue a master's degree As you confront the various decision points about going back to school, there are four major reasons to make that decision - career choices, employment and earnings.