Oh and before this happened, he had trouble sleeping, wasn't eating, was practically chain smoking, and drinking Monsters like they were going out of style. It may take a while for those meds to start working.In the meantime, encourage him to track his symptoms in a daily log.Ask him how he's doing from time to time, and show that you're willing to be patient. Both he and I did a lot of sharing this past few weeks.

My questions are when he gets in these states, does he remember our phone conversations?

After that, nothing again, so I think he isn't feeling right still and maybe the meds need more time to kick in.

Yesterday, he replied, sounding back to himself and said he was feeling much better now.

I texted him a couple times just to let him know I was there and didn't expect him to reply until he was feeling better.

He wondered if it was something with that or if he stopped taking the medication.

He told me he had some sort of nervous breakdown a while back and they put him on medication.

I phoned our friend who has known him a long time and told him how worried I was.

I recently started dating a guy who I guess is Bipolar. I went on vacation and we were communicating while I was gone. I told him he could talk to me about what was bothering him if he wanted to. Anything you can tell me to help me understand what he is going through would be greatly appreciated. Hallucinations are not uncommon in bipolar disorder.

So, I said, do you want me to call you back when I get home and we will have a better connection. So, I did, he was still quiet, like something was wrong. I don't know how long it will be before I can talk to him about this.