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How Shane makes his relationship work is simple — it comes down to trust.

"It's easier to gain someone's trust when you don't have to lie about anything". When you like somebody, you can subconsciously start to alter yourself — you can’t be long term with someone if you fake your way into a relationship.

The headspace you need to find is “if you don’t like it, get bent." Figuring out who you are can be a tricky process, and it doesn't happen overnight.

I decided my ego could handle another well-meaning beating, so I sat down with Shane Volk, front man for the band One Bad Son.Are you truly seeing their faults, or just finding faults?The reformed notorious bachelor concluded with this "There are no rules Casey, be honest, be yourself, and don't sabotage." Seems simple enough. Finding myself faced with a fifth date (all with the same guy! The advice doled out by a notorious bachelor last month had proven effective, in that I had managed to find myself with a consistent dinner companion, but in my world, disaster of the dating kind is usually lurking around the corner.If you meet someone who is out of work at the moment, remember that this individual could potentially find a job—by the time you have a second date.Your goal should be to find someone who can hold a consistent job, not to find someone who brings in an arbitrary revenue that you believe is "enough." 3. If you don’t believe that there is massive prejudice in the dating world when it comes to height, just ask a very short man or a very tall woman.

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