Dating underground tank

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Dating underground tank

Before the ordeal was over the yard look like a bomb hit it as Northstar dug out an estimated 200 tons of oil-soaked soil.The company also brought in equipment to remove the oil from 450,000 gallons of groundwater.There are thousands of such tanks in the state and little money to clean them up.Hurricane Sandy brought the issue to the forefront as high water levels lifted up oil, which is heavier than water, from old tanks buried in many barrier island communities.Included in Texas Monthly Magazine as a Texas Super Lawyer, Mr.Sher can develop and execute the right strategy for your case.

No insurance covered it and it hit her hard,” said Heegard.Commercial and industrial facilities from gas stations and dry cleaners to oil refineries have long used underground storage tanks for a variety of purposes, mainly to keep dangerous chemicals convenient for use.Unfortunately, over time the seals in underground tanks break down and in many cases, the property is sold without removal or adequate maintenance of an underground tank, which might not even be completely empty.It didn’t help that the tank was right next to an outdoor shower, under a roof that did not have a gutter, and next to an old abandoned septic field that gave the fuel oil an easy route to the groundwater.“It followed the drain pipe for the septic system.The septic was an open hole to the water table,” said Paul De Blasio, of Northstar Environmental Services in Dennis Township.“The rainwater and the shower pushed it down,” said Steve Russell, Northstar’s health and safety officer.

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In some situations, the presence of one or more tanks on a given property is not even disclosed to the buyer.