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Dating someone with cerebral palsy

Good luck in what you decide to do Mark and I understand how you feel mate. My 12yo son is a wheelchair user and he's mad for girls. He goes to a mainstream school, so the girls he likes tend to be able-bodied and he's been blown out a few times already. Maybe its because i have past experience working in a hospital, but i see a person who needs a little extra help, i definately don't see a burden.My concern wouldn't be places we could and couldn't go because if i started a relationshio with a disabled man.....i'd just adapt, my concern would be life span and having my heart broken if i lost that person, so i guess thats me being selfish with my feelings.I have been with woman who was disabled but they were not sociability suited to myself and physically sex was impossible because we were both not capable of having sex basically being as we both had limited movements.I have also had great relationship with an abled-bodied woman and that was fantastic.Hello Mark have you tried every medical angle to being more able bodied? So as I always say when this kind of thread comes up on the forum from time to time.....I know that many people with disabilities are happy and set with their level of functioning but some are not, and as you seem to want to date able bodied ladies then perhaps you can investigate the medical options. If someone like me can be successful anybody can disability or no disability.I think this is probably the most challenging question anybody has posted on this forum and more power to you for tackling it, and why its been roundly ignored so far Mark.(apologies pants we were writing at the same time)It is really hard for me to understand your situation and how that could affect potential romance, many people are ignorant or lack the education to be understanding, I wish I could be more insightfull and helpfull but wishing you find some responses more usefull. Id want my partner to be able to do these things with me... Most disabled people could not do the things i like to do.. Firstly my eldest was born with a very mild version of this - just affecting her right ankle.

Having said that as a parent I researched the condition, causes, extremes & likely problems. The fact you've become a performing musician at your own gigs is simply jaw dropping. However, as I'm sure you know there's a down side to.

I am just wondering because I would like to know seriously!

I would like think that I am not quite scary to date I hope but I do wonder after a few years of not be able to get a woman to date me.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i am just wondering what is the big thing that women are bothered about going out with me?

What is the most worries and looks or other things?

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The baclofen pump for your condtion is now a real option to being more mobile and only involves a test of suitabliity to the fluid used which can be done with your local GP. I do feel that in your situation though that this kind of dating site is not for you.

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