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In Portland, Oregon, a single Grimm, Nick Burkhardt, became aware of his abilities and has been redefining what the Wesen thought they knew about the Grimms.Grimms are tasked with policing the creature world, making sure that those who harm humans are stopped.According to Monroe, they can see an "infinite darkness" in a Grimm's eyes that reflects the Wesen's true nature.However, modern Grimms can use sunglasses to avoid detection from Wesen via eye contact.

They hid the treasure and created a map in seven parts.

This is another reason why even a sole Grimm can inspire so much fear from Wesen: the prospect of bringing the wrath of a Royal Family upon themselves if they do anything against a possible enforcer.

Within a single family group, not all members of a Grimm's family become Grimms.

The Grimms themselves, or at least the Kessler/Burkhardt branch of the family, did not know why this was.

Although the majority of the Grimms discussed so far are of European descent, Grimms seem to be found worldwide, as the episode "Tarantella" involves a European Grimm meeting a Japanese doctor with all the abilities of a Grimm on a steamship sailing from Singapore.

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