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Do you recall our BHO friend - the Gretsch guitar researcher?

Has he maybe in the later years stumbled over some factory records? BTW - I did also this morning manage persuading my DB-programs to accept SN´s starting with a zero - however I can´t for now recreate any missing zero´s - most of them have been lost icw. So - please have an eye open for any missing zero´s after your SN 0130 and up to SN (0)999.

He is also interested in banjos and has done a nice job solving the Gretsch branded banjo serial numbering system.

I've been studying Gretsch/Bacon serial numbers for five years now and Ed asked if I had reached any conclusions.

Procedure: Gretsch/Bacon serial numbers have been thought to be chaotic and indecipherable.

So, in seeking a solution I concentrated only on the Bacon "S"'s (Senorita, Serenader and Symphonie) - the primary models identified in catalog 50.

Conclusion: Serial Number/Date for the Bacon "S"'s (Senorita, Serenader and Symphonie): Problems: Four-Digit Serial Number - Pre or Post 1953? Four-Digit Serial Number - Date Coded or earlier Sequential?

SN 39203 - a Bacon Symphonie SB - I have a confirmed first sales date in 1967 for this.

SN 39777 - a Bacon Symphonie SB - owned and later sold by me - another mid 60s build: Sorry!

But - they make a splendid starting point - let´s see how it all ends. Five years ago B&D Serenader #36805 five-string sold on ebay. I've got a Gretsch #40 with a Dolar-Zink pot is one of the reasons I believe this to be the case. As Ed has told us the Bacon Rajah brand was made for jobber Chicago Musical Instrument Co. The Rajah is important to Gretsch/Bacon folks because Gretsch continued to make B&D Rajah banjos as we have seen with the 40XXX serial numbers.

Attached is the Rajah in the 1937 Chicago Musical Instr. I realize Gretsch/Bacon banjos are not of much interest to most banjo people UNTIL someone here buys a B&D Serenader or Bacon Symphonie represented to be a pre-war from Groton when it was actually a post-war from Brooklyn and the price paid for said banjo exceeded its fair market value because of the misapprehension concerning its lineage. Have a look at my DB - I have only 4 banjos in the Gretsch upper 3XXXX range (between the Groton sequence for now ending at 35713 and the Gretsch 4XXXX sequence: SN 36805 - the Serenader as mentioned - this is a hybrid conversion/up-date - I wouldn´t trust this at all.

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This is where the appearance of duplicate numbers comes into play. The public database is otherwise silent about cues as to whether this is a consecutive or date coded serial number.

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