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Dating bowers lighters

I won a vintage Rope Lighter, mfg in Michigan back in the day, at the popular auction site today, item #230148891669. UPDATE: pics at post #20 Here is a link to a new Rope Lighter offered by a Japanese vendor: Everything is the product of step evolution: rope lighter - fueled lighter - encapsulated lighter - ??? Our Japanese friends have told me that their Windmill made Rope Lighter will be selling again sometime this week: item #320080178114. u=ht...hl=en&ie=ASCII is only , if I converted yen to dollars properly, (before shipping) while the auction site price is closer to . I want one, not sure how useful it would be in the field, but I still want one. You could use it to send a message about the Terminator's bell rope in the pics above. You might want to put the above picture into your request to the vendor. I will keep my eyeballs pealed for bargain Rope Lighters on the bay. oregon Oregon, I've seen the rope lighters before, while they're cool looking & I love the idea of no lighter fluid I can't see carrying around a foot-long piece of rope. I just googled around & came up with nothing, do you have a link or a name you could share please? The spring is quite strong and its business end hold a tiny plunger (looks just like a miniature valve from an engine) which contacts the flint.

New production Rope Lighter by Windmill Japan: I got an ember burning quickly with this Rope Lighter.My technique is to roll the striker wheel across my palm to generate a stream of sparks. Perhaps restricting yourself to only using a Rope Lighter to light your tobacco would be one way to quit smoking. To extinguish just pull on the rope so the bead seals the tube, and presto. I wonder why all the screws on the bottom ***edit- whoa!Another approach is to push the striker wheel along my levis and this gives a longer stream of sparks. Mine's in a lot better shape than this and they want ! HTML Theirs has a red "jewel" this one is blue The ropelighters I have had did have a small iron rod like from a paperclip with a hook that hooks in the rope on one end and a bead on the other. The Lipstick lighter is spot on the same as the capsule lighters (without the threaded closure and gasket). I watched the video of it in action and that one was most impressive. oregon I used the link below to send a message to the Japanese vendor about the Rope Lighter. I've seen several on e Bay and at least one seller has 100% feedback - they appear to be quality crafted so that's probably where I'll get one eventually as the ones I've seen on web sites tend to be 40-100% more. I just googled around & came up with nothing, do you have a link or a name you could share please? I am not entirely happy with butane fueled lighters. Let the plunger fly and the flint is contacting the striker wheel. IMCO created the fueled lighter during WWI (IMCO still produces new lighters using flint, fluid and wick). Not exactly a cigarette lighter - more of a survival method of making fire that is fairly fast - see this for more info: are talking about the same place. All the best, oregon I've wanted to buy one but it's half way down a long want list . u=ht...hl=en&ie=ASCII I have one of these and one of the rope lighters ordered. You can key into "Easy Collectibles" on the popular auction site or email directly [email protected] Here is the message I received early this morning from Noriko (bold added by me, oregon): "Hi Stephen, Thank you for your quick payment!! Thank you, Noriko -------------------------------- EASY COLLECTIBLES FROM JAPAN Ichiro & Noriko Matsui 8-28 Motohama-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga-ken, 526-0059 JAPAN What you said 1. oregon The stamped inscription on the Rope Lighter reads: BOWERS ARMY & NAVY LIGHTER USA KALAMAZOO, MICH Link to some Bowers Mfg. The brass knob on the spring-loaded flint plunger is pulled back and held while you drop in a flint.

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If you are into something really unusual for a fire starter have you seen the wood fire starter pistons? About $25, before shipping, if the site is current and I have converted properly. Our Japanese friends are as fast as chain blue lightning. 1 Rope lighters w/2 extra ropes $23.00 2 extra ropes $5.00 1 Duke 2 lighter $30.00 Your EMS tracking(item) number is EI311475875JP DP311-00100.jsp? We do appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future. You sometimes see Rope Lighters and other tried and true fire tools.