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Dating a pro lifer

In 2008, the bill, now with exceptions, was handily defeated again, and both pre- and post-polling showed men and women equally against it.

Perhaps in the privacy of the ballot-box, men are able to “woman up” a little and vote to protect freedom of choice.

So here is our quick check guide to getting you started in the world of dating for professionals.

Yet many men seem unwilling to identify with the “pro-choice” label, and when it comes to the work of the movement, men are scarce on the ground.“It feels wrong to say, but I think [men] are more likely to be pro-life,” says Betsy Housten, a longtime pro-choice activist in New York who, for years, escorted women past protesters at a clinic that provided abortions.

In that time, she says she saw only “one or two men” on the pro-choice side of the demonstrations.

As usual, it seems men have a lot to say about the things women shouldn’t do.

Indeed, the pro-life camp seems to have little trouble finding men who will stump for it loudly and forcefully.

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When you are a busy professional it can be hard to find the energy and the time to start dating and pursuing a relationship.

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