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Dating a bouncer

Managers are commonly shady, so they will either let you just get away this—especially if they aren’t paying you much—or require that you break them off.

Of course, they never really know just how much you are getting from ripping people off, so you can generally get away with not giving them much.

You will be saddened to see just how clueless most of your fellow men are when it comes to gaming women.

So many guys in bars and clubs spend the night standing around looking bored, talking to each other, and yet it’s the desire to get laid that brought them out.

No matter your technique, working at a bar or club weekend after weekend is just like going to one many times over many years; unless you are utterly obtuse, your game will improve as you learn a lot about what works with women and what doesn’t.

The simple act of being able to talk to so many over time should do a lot for your confident and direct game—which, of course, is about the only game worth running in America.

For attractive women, being out is in itself a very big deal, an event requiring photo after photo, which is to be put on Instagram, Facebook, and all the rest.

I see groups of women taking photos of themselves all night long—like their entitlement, their vanity is inexhaustible.

As the poet Charles Baudelaire put it: “Woman, a slave and yet vainglorious,/stupid and unashamed in her self-love.” The sense of entitlement in particular is remarkable; you would not believe how often women ask me to hold their drink, as if I were a personal assistant, or give me a bratty attitude out of nowhere, as if I were some rich Daddy.

What looks like it could be a “fight” is usually only laughable posturing by cowardly betas.

I will commonly go up to a group of “aggressive men,” by myself and without the help of my fellow bouncers, and tell them to knock it off.

If you are a bouncer, you are necessarily a big strong tough motherfucker.

And in order to keep the job and avoid the embarrassment of getting your ass kicked, you will be motivated to stay in shape, to lift weights, or box, do MMA, and so on.

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