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Dysfunction from surgery should be very, very uncommon if the surgery is performed correctly.

It does occur on rare occasions when surgery is particularly difficult because of severe disease that has destroyed a lot of tissue.

“In these cases, there is a slight risk of injury to the pelvic autonomic nerves, which control erection and ejaculation,” notes Dr. “For the well-trained surgeon, there are recognizable areas where risk to the nerves is greatest.

The uterus can fall back, the ovaries can fall into the pelvis, and this can lead to dyspareunia [pain on intercourse].” Remedies for impotence caused by surgery or medications include a rubber band or erection ring, which maintain erections; penile implants; and most recently developed, Viagra® (Pfizer).

It is critical that men see a physician with experience in these treatments before using them.

“In women, disturbing the pelvic nerves can decrease clitoral sensation.

The removal of the rectum allows organs to change position.

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